Why would you entrust Unlimited?

Unlimited Detail Auto Specialists are master detailers in pursuit of perfection while they prepare and protect the paintwork of your vehicle. Your car is the fruit of generations of innovation, invention, artistry and technology. We would like to keep it that way.

Our reputation has been earned from many years of passion and dedication to the craft of caring for your car. At Unlimited, our enthusiasm brinks on obsession as we constantly strive for perfection.

Unlimited is conveniently located in Oyster Bay, where we operate out of a fully-equipped 3000sqf air-conditioned and heated studio. You will also have the added reassurance of video surveillance 24 hour gated security.


Protecting your investment

Modern luxury and high performance cars can often lose value quickly if improperly cared for. Regularly scheduled treatments ensure the preservation of your car’s worth, lessening depreciation and preventing the need for expensive repairs.

Few things in this life require this type of attention…we are ignited that one of them is your vehicle.