BIO :: Darren Geiger

In 1988, Unlimited Detailing began in the driveway of Darren’s house in Bayville, NY. The sole detailer of Unlimited Detailing, Darren detailed cars by day and traveled to marinas to detail boats by night…all while finishing his degree at CW Post. Following acquisition of a degree in Marketing, Management and Finance, Darren turned down a job with a top Wall Street firm to follow his passion for detailing high performance, luxury vehicles.

This proved to be a superb choice, as Unlimited Detailing only continued its expansion. By 1994, the business had gained four employees and moved twice to accommodate a growing clientele, which included car dealerships, marinas and private clients. Their services expanded to window tinting, pin striping, upholstery repair and a traveling mobile unit, which provided detailing services at client’s convenience.

By 2007, the company had expanded their services to include paintless dent removal, auto glass repair/replacement, auto body repair, wheel and tire sales/service and installation and Avery, Denison and nano fusion paint protection film sales and installation. Concierge services were developed, providing a one-stop shop for all their auto marine and motorcycle needs.

By this point, Unlimited had become a premier detailing studio and continued to grow, gaining newly renovated property in Oyster Bay and maintaining seven employees. The Oyster Bay location is equipped with state of the art machinery, including three car lifts to provide intricate detailing for the growing demands of specialized services.

In 2009, the business was expanded to include Unlimited Autosport. This facet of the business deals with servicing & repairing, modifying & customizing—including tuning suspension and exhaust upgrades, for luxury and high performance vehicles including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Unlimited Detailing continues to earn it’s reputation as Long Island’s premier detailing studio, highly recognized for mastery, precision and expertise.


BIO :: Jeremy Geiger

Jeremy Geiger has been an integral part of the Unlimited Auto Sport team since its inception in 1988. Inspired by all things extreme, his commitment to excellence plays a major part in everything he does. "I always give 110% of myself to everything I do. Everything that I lay my hands on receives my utmost attention and every ounce of effort I have, otherwise it’s not worth doing."
Jeremy's life has been anything but conventional. In October 2011, Jeremy made a life long dream come true racing at the Jetski World Finals in Lake Havasu Arizona where he finished 6th in the world in Pro Lites Ski. But Jeremy’s journey as a pro-athlete has had twists and turns, and it has been through his determination and courage that he continues to compete today.    

Quitting college to become a pro-snowboarder fueled Jeremy's journey as a multifaceted athlete. After his run with snowboarding, he continued on to semi-pro mountain biking, which finally led to motorcross racing. A practice session accident left Jeremy bed bound for a year, but his deep passion for life forced him to ignore his doctor’s predictions that he could never ride again. In 2003, Jeremy not only recovered, he found himself falling in love with stand up jet skiing, winning pro-class competitions and surprising everyone that knew him.

In between traveling, training and competitions, Jeremy spent the last 20 years working at Unlimited, learning technique and constantly perfecting his approach to detailing. He’s had 20 years with a high speed wheel in his hands and feels that an authentic connoisseur is always growing, constantly on the pursuit to mastery. His extremism in life crosses over to the integrity of his work at Unlimited, where his high intensity translates into focus and precision.

Only a true enthusiast can understand another, and one of Jeremy’s favorite aspects of his work is leaving the most discerning of clients awestruck. Not many people understand the nature of velocity, speed, adrenaline and performance quite like Jeremy. His infectious fervor for life and deep respect for craftsmanship usually leads to long term client relationships based on appreciation for perfection, obsession and candor. Jeremy lives in the Oyster-Bay area with his beautiful wife, Heeyoung.