At Unlimited Auto Sport, Darren and Jeremy personally oversee all treatments and applications. Their experience, knowledge and immersion in vehicle detailing form the foundation of their commitment to offer clients a totally unique, outstanding service.

As master detailers, Unlimited Auto Sport offers the pinnacle of professional car care services. Using exclusive SwissVax from Switzerland as well as top of the line products in every process we do, the integrity of our work is only matched by the materials we use to detail your car.


Detailing Consultation:

Unlimited Auto Sport offers the finest, most comprehensive detailing available. When you come in for a consultation, Unlimited will provide a thorough inspection before advising you further on specialized treatments and options.


Paint Correction Process:

Completely removes all unsightly swirl marks, micro-marring, holograms, light scratches, bird stains and water marks before the wax is applied to the paintwork.


Interior & Leather Feeding:

All interior surfaces cleaned and prepared, including inner glass, head lining and all vinyl/plastic surfaces. Carpets and upholstery cleaned by hand to ensure that no damage is done. Leather surfaces are carefully wiped, prepared and fed using the finest leather products available. The leather is cleaned before being fed with a nutritive cream that protects and softens the hide. At Unlimited Auto Sport, we use a variety of high end waxes, polishes, cleansers, sealants and other treatments to achieve ultimate results.



From the moment you choose to bring in your damaged vehicle to the day of its return, Unlimited is committed to a job done in excellence. After the repair is completed, we finish off the process with a detailed evaluation by Jeremy or Darren. This ensures that your vehicle’s repair is not only perfect, but that it is returned without traces of overspray or any other related body shop odors.


Auto Glass:

Replacing glass is a delicate process. We make sure that it’s done correctly, without any air leaks, wind noise or damaged interior.


Paintless Dent Removal:

Our restoration process is fully equipped to handle anything from simple to complex repairs. The process yields incredible results even in extreme cases.


Wheels and Tires:

We utilize the most advanced tire mounting system in order to ensure proper installation. We use RoadForce tire balancing equipment, the superior system in the industry.


Mobile Electronics:

Today’s installations are an intricate science with modern vehicle accoutrements. Our highly trained technicians understand the complex process of custom electronic installation and deliver on results.


Unlimited offers the following:

• ipod integration
• Laser/radar detectors
• Blue tooth integration
• Stereo upgrades
• Navigation intergration
• Remote starting


Window Tinting:

At Unlimited we exclusively use and install LLumar, the premier window film in the industry. We offer a variety of applications depending on the complexity of your needs.



The waxes that Unlimited uses have the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market, all are 100% natural products and none use harsh chemicals or abrasives.

In effect, our products coat a car’s paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film. When exposed to water, Carnauba swells its pores, leading to the beading and sheeting of water. This is characteristic of a car that has been treated with a high content Carnauba wax. The more layers applied, the more dynamic the appearance of paintwork, creating an incredible depth in the color and sheen.

Our sealants are of the highest caliber in the industry, and Unlimited is constantly testing the newest product innovations.

Unlimited technicians are automotive architects who realize the intricate nature of modern vehicle technology. Our deep understanding and obsession with car anatomy ensures that your vehicle is dynamically improved with knowledge of cutting edge movements and the finest products on the market.